Repository Unavailable: Cannot remove bad respository

Issue #10123 resolved
Pranay P created an issue

For some reason, while trying to import (before I knew I could transfer) a bitbucket project to a team account it failed and then I ended up with a 'Repository Unavailable' dead end. Please remove this repository:

So that I can transfer it correctly. Thanks

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  1. Pranay P reporter

    10140: Please remove a failed-import repository

    10139: Repository unavailable

    10138: Proposal - This repository is currently unavailable.

    10135: Error importing repository from subversion

    10134: bitbucket import repo stuck

    10128: Delete unavailable repository (failed import)

    10125: Importing failed, cannot delete repo.

    10120: Delete repository that failed import

    10118: Failed import stuck

    10114: This repository is currently unavailable.

    10112: unable to delete repo

    10108: This repository is currently unavailable.

    10105: This repository is currently unavailable.


  2. Oscar Chan

    same here for a failed import. stuck in the "Repository unavailable" page

    It seems like it become a bug rather than a support request.

  3. Pranay P reporter

    This is now a blocker for me as I can't transfer my repository until the existing, broken one, is removed.

  4. Philip Ryan

    I'm in the same position as Pranay was. I have a repository that was taking forever to sync with a private gitlab storage, then the network connection broke, and now am left with a repo that I can't connect to, or delete.

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