Issue #10132 resolved
Jessie Michael Farfán García
created an issue

Hello! I'm starting to use Bitbucket, so I decided to create the tutorial repository and follow the tasks, but I have a problem with the first task which says:

"Click the Clone in SourceTree icon, a down arrow, near the top of the page, then click Clone in SourceTree. A Launch application window opens. Select SourceTree, if it is not already selected, and click OK. SourceTree may ask for your password several times. Review the information in the Clone new tab. Notice the Destination Path is where you will clone your repository. Click Clone"

But the clone button in the popup is gone.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    SourceTree only is only available on Mac and Windows and you seem to be on Linux. Hence the lacking "Clone in SourceTree" button.

    Instead, just skip over the first section and go to "Using the command line from Linux, OSX or GitBash for Windows." instead.

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