view pdf's as non-source (BB-1763)

Issue #1018 resolved
Cosmin Deaconu created an issue

If there's a pdf file in the repo (like, documentation or something), and you select it in the source browser, it will show the pdf source. I think this is probably not what most people want/expect?

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  1. Ted Pavlic
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    The major problem is that PDF's not only are displayed as source, but it is impossible to download them without downloading the whole repository.

    That is, other files give you history/annotate/raw/diff options. Viewing a PDF somehow short-circuits all of that.

    Can the view/annotate/raw/diff be added back to the PDF view? That way the PDF can at least be downloaded via the "raw".

  2. Ted Pavlic
    • marked as bug

    This applies to more than just PDF files. It applies to DOCX files as well.

    When particular binary files (PDF's and DOCX's for sure) are viewed in the web interface, there are no buttons to allow for quick downloading of them.

    It is easy to reverse-engineer the raw link to generate the download link, but the links should appear on top of the file view just as it does for true text files.

  3. Tudor Achim

    Still broken for me. I have a private repo with a pdf file, and when I click on the filename in the source tab it shows the raw bytes of the file.

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