When I add a team with a very long name, the Permission column is too compressed to be usable. (BB-11089)

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OPSWAT IT Department
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I have a REPO which has a global administrative group with Admin privileges.

When I add ANY group with a long name to the "groups" section of the "access management" console (no matter what privileges), the permissions selection buttons disappear, leaving read-accessibility as the only visible option even though the group retains prior permissions. (picture attached)

If the group has read-only access, the READ lozenge is solid blue. If the group has other access, the READ lozenge is blue outline. In either case, it's the only lozenge that is visible or clickable.

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  1. John Garcia

    Generally speaking, the work-around for this issue will be to be cautious to select the right access level when adding a team, and to remove and re-add a team when permissions need to be changed. We understand that this makes it difficult to ascertain the current access level of a team, as well.

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