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Issue #10185 resolved

Stop auto-collapsing the navigation bar

Roger Vaughn
created an issue

The navigation side-bar will now collapse on its own when any navigation item (Overview, Source, Commits, etc.) is clicked. This is new behavior today. Previously it would stay expanded or collapsed until manually changed.

This is extremely annoying behavior, and now requires me to manually expand the sidebar after using any navigation option.

Please revert to previous behavior.

Comments (16)

  1. Scott Byers

    Anyone else who still notices this ... it's a responsive thing. If the browser is too small, the toolbar collapses automatically with no way to force it to stay open. If it's wide enough, it'll stay open. Not intuitive at all, but has at least "fixed" the issue for me in that I just make sure it's at least wide enough to keep it from collapsing.

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