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Anton Fedurtsya
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Hi there. In Acunote Wiki its written that integration with Bitbucket will be available soon, but its also written that Acunote's side works already done, and waiting something from Bitbucket. So, Will it be implemented in near future? I really want to try it out. :)

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    I'm not really sure what you are referring to. I'm not aware of any Acunote integration with Bitbucket, or anything that we should be doing on our end. Can you provide some context?

  2. Anton Fedurtsya reporter

    Erik, i wanted to use Bitbucket integration on acunote, and found that its not completed yet. This is written in Acunote help/documentation:

    "8.2.5. Bitbucket integration
    We are actually waiting for Bitbucket to approve our integration. Our side is ready. If you want to speed things up I would encourage you to contact Bitbucket support and politely ask them about it."

    I dont really sure what must be done from bitbucket or acunote side.. Possibly it is all done, but waiting for some confirmations?. Can you please describe the situation what must be done clearly? step by step?. :)

  3. Erik van Zijst

    I wasn't aware that Acunote was waiting on us for something. However I did have a look and found the old internal issue that was filed for this.

    This is was closed on our end because we are trying to retire our current services broker system that relies on external parties contributing code that runs on our end. It hasn't worked very well both for us and for third parties. As our dev team has difficulty fitting in the work of screening and merging these brokers, there's the part where if users reports problems, we are faced with debugging something that isn't really ours, leading to frustrations on all sides.

    Instead, we are pushing third parties to just use our existing, generic POST hook, which gives you all the same information you would otherwise be getting from your a hook.

    Third parties can help their users configure the POST hook correctly by providing them with a link the pre-fills the URL:{username}/{repo_slug}/admin/hooks?service=POST&url={your custom url}

    I'm leaving this explanation here in case anyone from Acunote is monitoring this.

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