Hipchat hook with mentions and JIRA issues (BB-11116)

Issue #10198 closed
Jeremy Bell
created an issue

We are currently using hipchat and have the bitbucket connector enabled. It would be nice if the connector could create mentions of @ USERNAME in the commit message. So you have in your commit message:

Change in file X. @ USERNAME will continue work on this.

It would be nice if hipchat could parse this as real mention instead of plain text.

Also we have JIRA connected to bitbucket and when we browse commits on the bitbucket site, it changes the JIRA short urls to the correct links so we can easily check for which issue a commit was. It would be nice if it could do that for hipchat too, so the connector checks if the bitbucket has JIRA attached to it (just like it checks in the commit messages) and changes the short urls to the links.

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  1. Jeremy Bell reporter

    @John Garcia That is not true. I am able (using the REST api) to send messages with mentions to our own hipchat server.

    Also since this ticket consists of 2 request, the other one is still possible (even though they are both possible).

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