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Issue #10212 closed

Online editor automatically changes   into space (BB-11099)

John Garcia
created an issue

In the user's words:

I've found an issue when editing source code via the web based editor:

It seems to strip " " and replace it with a space " " like so:

for ($i = 1; $i <= $depth; $i++)
{ - $tabs .= ' '; + $tabs .= '  '; }

If you take a look at this commit (https://bitbucket.org/wfuk/wfuk_core_2013/commits/0231312e367255e3cc1294148b5bf91ab2de32cb?at=master) you can see I got rid of some extra new lines and it decided to remove my 's as well! Seems to be fine if you insert them, but change anything else and it replaces them.

Comments (4)

  1. Andrew Hughes

    I'm seeing a related issue with &gt; being converted into > upon editing a file.


    res.write('<div style="text-align:center;">&gt;:|</div>');

    Editor Version:

    res.write('<div style="text-align:center;">>:|</div>');
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