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Github have added a 'revert' button next to pull requests:

When using Bitbucket I still need to use the manual steps documented here:

In summary I have to find the merge commit and then run the command line:

git revert -m 1 <SHA-1>

Please add an equivalent to Github's 'Revert pull request' button into Bitbucket.

This would be very useful for continuous integration / deployment workflows, especially as I can't revert a merge commit in sourcetree - See related question in Atlassian Answers:


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  1. dwilsonEIS

    +6 everyone in our office would use this feature. Currently when you search help to revert it takes you to this page. Atlassian fails to offer help on the subject.

    It does have a nice page explaining the difference between "revert" and "reset", but doesn't offer any help doing this with bitBucket.

  2. Anonymous

    request({ url: '/api/1.0/user/', success: function(data) { data = JSON.parse(data); $('#displayName') .text(data.user.display_name) .next('.loading').hide(); } }); });

    // ... and set cookies (browser security policies often prevent this from being done in iframes).

    var COOKIE_NAME = 'example-visits';

    AP.require('cookie', function(cookie) {, function(visits) { visits = (visits ? parseInt(visits) : 0) + 1;, visits, 30); $('#pageVisits') .text(visits) .next('.loading').hide(); }); });

  3. Anonymous

    The views and public directories contain the templates and static resources used to render the content of the webPanel and repoPage iframes. The most interesting part is /public/js/addon.js, which uses AP.request() to make an authenticated cross-domain ajax call to the Bitbucket Cloud REST API and AP.cookie() to work around third-party cookie restrictions by setting a cookie on the host domain. atlassian-connect-express,??

  4. Colan Schwartz

    Please stop posting "+1"-style comments as they're spamming issue subscribers and making the thread unnecessarily long. If you'd like to show your support, simply hit the "Vote for this issue" lilnk at the top. For those of you that have already posted these comments, please delete them. Thanks!

  5. Karthik Sekar

    This was one feature in github that saved my life. I had to revert my first ever pull request merge as a newbie in one of big SaaS companies. I am using bitbucket in my current company love unlimited private repos using them since 2012. If there will be one reason for me to switch to github it will be revert pull request feature.

  6. Paul Wagland

    This is the fourth most voted issue, and, conceptually at least, seems fairly simple… and yet 2 and 1/2 years later there is still nothing more than a nine month old promise "to investigate". It doesn't feel like the community feedback cycle is working very well.

  7. Alastair Wilkes staff

    This is still something we agree would be useful and want to add.

    We've been focused on a several higher priority projects including code aware search, a cleaner, simpler navigation experience, building Docker images in Bitbucket Pipelines, JIRA and Trello integrations, and other highly voted features (such as #5658, #7399, #8995, #3717, and #12757).

    With those shipped, this is moving up on the list of priorities, so we hope to commit developer time to this soon.

  8. Alastair Wilkes staff

    It's true - some issues stay open for a very long time without any response, which is something we've been working on recently, but haven't perfected yet. We are focused on making sure highly voted issues (like this one) are responded to on a regular basis.

    That said, as mentioned in my previous comment, we have shipped several highly voted feature requests this year, so although that might not resolve a specific issue someone's waiting for, we hope it helps convey that we are listening and do value your feedback. Even though we aren't able to respond to every issue, we do regularly review customer feedback from a variety of channels as inputs into our prioritization process. Keep the feedback coming.

  9. Aditya Nagrath

    Alastair, it does not help that you are dealing with the developer community. Many of us here realize that your portal is a web front end to git, and that this feature while maybe not as highly voted on as the above could be potentially slipped into any one of those releases. We do not need this feature everyday or every week, but when we need this feature its always a 20-30 min sync unless we are very well versed for command line... which your UI is slowly training me NOT to be! Therefore, when I lose that 30 minutes for something that should have been easy had I not depended on your UI I do feel fairly frustrated to see that a decade may go by without getting this feature.

  10. Ivan Klass

    What can we do with following issue: There was PR from branch2 into branch1. One have accidentally merged branch2 into branch1 locally manually via git, than pushed. BB shows this PR as merged. Than branch1 was reset back to master (force-pushed or deleted and re-created). PR still is shown as merged, and we can't edit it.

  11. Brian Espinosa

    Atlassian: Don't F the user.

    also Atlassian: Leave's a feature request open since 2014 in favor of features like "a cleaner, simpler navigation experience".

    It looks nice, but it doesn't work. Why would you no longer show how many pull requests are open next to the list anymore? And what is the point of the loading state that jumps around as you move from section to section? It doesn't align to the real UI in your navigation. Thanks for the great new features at the expense of basic functionality.

  12. Thomas Kells staff

    Just wanted to give a quick update on this issue. A large part of the reason this issue has been sitting on the back-burner for so long was that the underlying git library that we depend on (libgit2), did not actually have support for git revert until February of this year. Once they did add this feature, we got to work on adding support to our libraries that depend on libgit2 and making the requisite UI changes. Happy to say everything is working well in our internal testing and we hope to roll the feature out to users in the next few weeks. Once we exit internal testing and have a more concrete ship date, I will provide an update here.

  13. Aditya Nagrath

    Francesco, thank you for prioritizing this issue and bringing it to the front.

    I hope in the future people will not have to threaten to leave in order to get a feature prioritized.

    You guys have a good tool. I think the more you get the people who are designing the tool to understand that the tool should help us do our job, the better the feedback you will get will be. Thank you for helping us.

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