As a user, I want at-mentions in commits to be suppressed when a repo's commits are computed for the first time. (BB-11097)

Issue #10254 closed
John Garcia
created an issue

When pushing in a repo that has @@mentions, the @@mentions are triggered for each commit as the site walks the commit tree. I would like to suppress these as they have no context in a brand new repository.

When @@mentions are triggered this way, it introduces a much higher chance of misfires - that is, notifications that are too old to be valid or are sent to the wrong user.

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  1. Bruno

    Confirming what I discussed with support in multiple messages: these notifications are irrelevant because they're 1) duplicate and 2) dated.

    So no, I don't want to get a notification every time someone forks a repository in which a commit from 5 years ago mentions me.

    Relevant notifications are for things that just happened.

  2. Marc Cornellà

    This has happened to me too since a commit was pushed upstream in oh-my-zsh that was suggested by me, therefore the author mentioned me as a recognition.

    Since then, forks of the repository either in Bitbucket or GitHub have triggered email notifications to me.

    I'd like these to stop. I don't know what genuine use is done of this feature (mentions in commits), but if it needs to be preserved, maybe the date of commit could be checked against the date of push to the repository. Another possible solution that occurs to me is only mention and notify the user if the author of the commit is the same as the owner of the repository.

    Any way this is solved, this is an annoying side effect and I'll be glad when it is solved. Cheers

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