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Issue #10260 wontfix

Home page is a usability nightmare

Stephane Sudre
created an issue

The search field in the home page is a nightmare:

• Since it has the key focus by default, when you press the space bar, instead of scrolling the page, it filters the repositories with the ' ' character. • When it has the key focus, when you scroll down using the page down on the keyboard, the page scrolls up after a while. (Safari 6.1.4 just in case)

This, in addition to the sort by recent modification instead of sort by name, makes using the home page a nightmare as soon as you have a bunch of repositories.

Comments (9)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Which search field are you referring to? The one in the page header, or the one on the dashboard overview page?

    Would you have expected the page to scroll on pressing space when editing that text field?

    I'm having trouble reproducing the scolling when using arrow keys in the search box. Instead, it interprets it as a regular keypress and performs another search, briefly popping up the spinner. Are you seeing something different?

  2. Stephane Sudre reporter
    1. When you log in, the first page you see is the list of repositories (sorted in the most inconvenient way possible (1) with no possibility to change this).
    2. If you have a bunch of repositories, you will usually need to click on the Next link (only available at the bottom of the page, very convenient, isn't it?). So you need to scroll to reach it even on a 30" display. Scroll using the space bar like you do since the beginning of the Web.
    3. Then the second page of repositories is displayed.
    4. Press the space bar to scroll to the bottom of the page to see more repositories or to reach the Next button.

    Surprise, surprise, since the Find Repositories search field is selected without your knowledge, you do not scroll and the filtering is done for the space char/glyph.

    My opinion is that you should run more usability test when there are at least more than 40 repositories in the bucket.

    (1) because if you are able to guess which repositories were modified recently by the other users and to predict in which order they will appear so that you can quickly spot them, you're a genius.

  3. Zachary Davis

    Stephane Sudre Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'm curious -- if you know the name of the repository you're looking for, and the search field is focused by default, why do you want to browse instead of searching? Do you find it easier to simply browse a list then have to think about what to search for?

  4. Zachary Davis

    Also, I'm not sure why the search field is focused by default when navigating the pagination but not when first loading the page. They should at least be consistent, and I think the intent was not to auto-focus. I'll look into that.

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