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Issue #10265 closed

Pull request count in sidebar doesn't update on pjax tab switching (BB-11131)

Huy Le
created an issue

on page https://bitbucket.org/saleshood/webapp/pull-requests?displaystatus=open

there are three pull requests a teammate merge one pull request. click on the open button there are two pull request listed

expect: the pull request badge number on the pull request icon at the sidebar display number '2'

actual: display number '3'

Comments (12)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I'm not sure what you mean. I see 3 PRs, but I'm not sure why you'd expect 2. The 3 I see are all open.

    This issue tracker is intended for tracking bugs and feature requests for Bitbucket, rather than individual support requests.

    Could you please raise this with the technical support team through our support site at https://bitbucket.org/support by clicking "Technical support"?

    When you contact us, please tell us exactly what PR you are seeing that you think is not support to be there


  2. Huy Le reporter

    Hi Erik,

    Sorry for my poor explanation.

    Please see the screenshot, I believe this is a bug.

    After click on the 'Open' button, the list show 3 PRs, the badge number shows '9'.

    Screenshot from 2014-08-21 09:16:14.png

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    I'm not able to reproduce this, or even see it on your repo. What happens if you reload the page? Does that fix it?

    Also, is it off all the time, or only just after somebody has merged a PR?

  4. Huy Le reporter

    I first load the page, there are 9 PRs and the badge number show '9'.

    Then my teammates merge 6 PRs. I click on the 'Open' button without reload the page.

    The page shows as captured.

  5. Erik van Zijst staff

    Ah got it.

    Yes, that's because the sidebar is loaded on page-load and not updated when pjax-loading a new tab.

    If you want I can raise an internal issue for it, but as it will have to compete with all other bugs and features, other work might receive higher priority.

  6. Huy Le reporter

    I see the sidebar is available in other Atlassian products. I'm afraid that this bug is also available on those products.

    If a team often have a large number of PRs at the same time, the right badge number is supportive.

    I want to express my thoughts about this as a customer, hopefully it contributes some ideas for you to decide the bug's priority.

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