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Mathieu Baumgartner created an issue

I'd like not to receive notification emails when a new post has been made on a feature request i'm following (#4307 for instance) if the so called "post" is just a "+1".

Some people apparently don't get the vote feature and for now serious people have only two options :

  • receive tons of junk emails and eventually risk to miss the one you one thinking it's a +1
  • stop following the ticket

Could we introduce some kind of "smart" filters to avoid this?

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    We agree and a while back we added some logic to help those users that aren't aware of the fact that voting is a far better way of expressing endorsement. We now detect a "+1" comment and offer the user to vote instead:

    #7794 - Don't allow people to post +1 on an issue tracker (BB-8952) — Bitbucket 2014-08-20 10-54-26 2014-08-20 10-54-38.png

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