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Issue #10278 closed

PRs that were merged manually (on a dev's machines) and pushed up will close themselves, but fail to close the src branch (BB-11144)

Mehmet Catalbas
created an issue

Deleting branches on the remote repository only works if you merge PRs through the UI.

I wonder if this is a wontfix but since “Close branch” is an option while creating PRs, I guess it should behave the same when changes pushed directly and PRs got auto merged.

Comments (6)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Yeah, when you push manually, we don't let that trigger any further scm changes. If you did not close/delete the branch, we assume you don't want it closed. The code to perform the close only runs when you click the merge button.

    I'm happy to raise an internal JIRA issue for it though. I'm not sure if anyone has particularly strong feelings about our current approach.

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