Provide pull request email hook (BB-11142)

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Guruprasad L
created an issue

The existing email hook notifies only on each pushed change group. It will be great to have an email notification for pull requests. While using Pull Request POST hook to implement this will be fairly straightforward, it will be good to have email notifications for this as a hook

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  1. Guruprasad L reporter
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    While this works for users with account on Bitbucket, sending notifications to mailing lists (which don't have account on bitbucket) whenever new pull requests are created is not possible. Hence this issue. If there are other ways to achieve this, please let me know. Right now it is possible to send emails to arbitrary email addresses when new issues are created.

  2. Daniel Bennett staff

    You are correct that no equivalent feature exists for pull requests. We are working on improving our integration supoort , however, this is still a work in progress. In the interim you may find an integration service such as Zapier or IFTTT useful in accomplishing your goal.

    I'll send this to our internal queue for tracking as we may out some of our integration plans.

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