Feature Request: Personal Access tokens for auth like Github

Issue #10283 duplicate
Rupak Ganguly
created an issue

I have a feature request for providing Personal Access tokens for auth, like Github has. The advantage is that non-web applications like CLIs can auth to use the API for restricted operations. Our product Panamax, currently integrates with Github, but we would like to extend our product to integrate with BitBucket as well. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Petr Skocik

    Just use https://github.com/decklin/curlicue instead of curl and after you've set it up it'll be exactly like using curl with an api-token saved. The thing is, oauth needs to do some request signing an shit (it ain't exactly straightforward) and what curlicue does is it abstracts this away so everything looks just as if you were using plain curl.

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