"Pull request" to apply patches in a patch queue to the original repository (BB-11303)

Issue #10299 closed
Dennis Schridde
created an issue

It would be great of Bitbucket would allow me to easily ask the owner of a repository to apply my patches from a certain patch queue to it. The process would be as follows:

  1. A source code repository exists on Bitbucket
  2. I create a patch queue from it on Bitbucket
  3. I add patches to it
  4. And submit a "pull request" to the owner of the source code repository to apply my patches to it
  5. Bitbucket would assist the owner in applying the patches / allow him to easily turn them into actual commits

The benefit would be, that the user gets the ease of automatically applied pull requests, as well as the useful process of refining his patches in a controlled way without destroying history or creating rebase problems until the owner of the source repository is satisfied with them.

See-Also: https://support.atlassian.com/servicedesk/customer/bbs/problem-report-12369

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