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Issue #10313 duplicate

Creole wiki: relative paths should be relative to current page, but they are relative to wiki root

created an issue

Say, I have two pages in my wiki (using Creole syntax) :

  • doc/first
  • doc/second

If I want my "doc/first" page to contain link to "doc/second", I'd like write link as follows: [[second|my second page]]. But unfortunately it doesn't work. Instead, I should specify full path to my page every time: [[doc/second|my second page]]. This is actually wrong; relative path should be relative to current page, not to root of the wiki.

In the markdown, it works properly. Say, if page "doc/first" contains the following: [my second page](second), it becomes correct link to my "doc/second" page.

There is my test repo, just in case: https://bitbucket.org/dfrank/test/wiki/doc/second

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