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Issue #10319 resolved

Repository size reported incorrectly

Pete Eveleigh
created an issue


I had a problem with a very large repository (fantasticmachine/odette2014) with it being 1.6GB. I have since cleaned up the repository using the instructions you provide and now a git count-object --v shows the size pack as being 198838. However the soft limit warning is still being displayed and the size in the Repository Info screen is still shown as 1.6GB.

I've taken the liberty of tagging Brodie Rao on this as I see a similar issue was dealt with a couple of months ago.

Comments (3)

  1. Niels Jeppesen

    I have the same problem with one of my repositories (lionfisk/random-stuff). The size pack in my local repository is ~500 Mb, in the the remote repository settings it shows 3.7 Gb. Is GC never performed on the remote repository?

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