New language request: CRBasic (BB-11310)

Issue #10336 open
Patrick O'Keeffe
created an issue

Campbell Scientific manufacturers data acquisition equipment. They are an 800-lb gorilla in the one-stop-DAQ-shopping market. Their latest generation of dataloggers uses a proprietary language called 'CRBasic' and I think it would be a good addition to the available languages list.

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  1. Patrick O'Keeffe reporter

    Was this a bot action? I don't see 'CRBasic' in the list of languages... so, in a sense, I do "continue to see problems."

    Is more info needed before an item can be added to the list? For example, does syntax highlighting need to be defined somehow? Do you need a language logo/avatar?

  2. Zachary Davis

    Hi Patrick. The closed due to inactivity was an automatic action.

    The language list is a tough thing -- for a long time we'd add any language anyone requested. That got out of hand pretty fast (as evidenced by the lengthy list of languages you can choose from on Bitbucket today). We don't have an official policy, but hopefully you can understand that it doesn't make sense to act on every single request for a new language.

  3. Patrick O'Keeffe reporter

    OK, that's kind of what I figured. Does "on hold" make sense? Or should it really be closed? I'd like for users to be able to find and vote for this issue but I don't want to create zombies.

  4. Zachary Davis

    I think it's fair to keep it open so people others can vote for it. The "closed due to inactivity" thing is part of a larger attempt to clean up a large number of dead/obsolete issues.

  5. Nick Palmius

    @zdavis why would you say that it's out of hand? A similar request (issue #4794) was also closed due to inactivity. I would say that although the list is lengthy, the search functionality works very well so I like the length of the list - it shows Bitbucket as a service that has wide support. While I don't even know what CRBasic is, I would have no objection to it being in the list.

    I also get that it doesn't change anything and that it is just a description (other than for popular languages with language icons), personally I just like to be able to be specific about what I'm putting in a repo. It's something that I really like about BitBucket. I use some obscure languages and I would like to be able to label them appropriately.

    Alternatively, why not just allow users to define their own languages privately? If enough users define a language, then add it to the list automatically. Then you wouldn't have to deal with such requests at all.

  6. Zachary Davis

    Thanks for the input Nick. I guess by "out of hand" I do mean primarily the length of the list -- yes, search works, but if it's set up as and displayed as a browsable list I think it should function as one. Plus there's a cost associated (from the dev side) to adding each language, so I'd rather not have the team implement every requested language.

    That said, I do like the idea of allowing users to define their own languages, we'd just need to figure out exactly how that would work.

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