Option to make list of wiki pages default wiki view (BB-11296)

Issue #10410 open
Zachary Davis created an issue

Currently the default wiki view is the "Home" page, which is not configurable. However, some users would like the ability to have the list of wiki pages be the default view.

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  1. Hitesh Shapariya

    yes, the default wiki view is the "Home" page, that's good. But there may be some options where list of wiki's listed down.

  2. Micky Hulse

    I'd love to have a list of pages be the WIKI homepage. Why not add an option to the repo settings (or, WIKI Settings page) allowing this? +1

  3. Tom Auger

    This is pretty necessary, IMO, since there's no other way of getting a list of pages / TOC in the wiki. I hate to compare, but see GitHub's implementation - that's pretty much what we're looking for here. This issue seems to be a bit of a kludge really - let's just have a persistent sidebar to the right of the content that shows the hierarchy of all the pages in the wiki.

  4. Bennet Fauber

    This issue seems to keep moving around, so tracking it down to agree that this feature is high on the priority list for people who want a wiki to go with their repository is more difficult than it should be. Yes, providing a file list is pretty important. We've stopped using BitBucket for all projects that need a wiki and only use it for projects that are code only and that must be private. Not having a file list in the wiki is one of the major reasons.

  5. dajare

    Yes, please.

    Or make known a workaround, at least. There is link for browsing all wiki pages =


    And I have that link on my wiki's "Home" page. But that means clicking twice (for one thing), and there is no way of figuring out how to pull in pages to achieve that listing, without the extra step.

    So, (again!), yes please -- it should be possible to list all wiki pages on the "Home" page, or for the "Browse all pages" to be the (optional) default view.

  6. Jay Patel

    @dajare : Thank You, This is good trick. What I did, I put all wiki links in my all wiki pages(redundant but works) as index with this "browse" links, so they can navigate hypothetically.

  7. Eric Palmitesta

    This would be a welcome feature. My wiki "home" page just contains a link to https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/wiki/browse/ as @dajare pointed out.

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