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Kanokgan Hanmoungtham created an issue

I cannot create atlassian account because system not sent me confirm email. Screenshot 2014-10-04 13.59.45.png

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  1. Ryan Proud

    Having the same issue and I can't create a support request at because it requires me to get the verification email to login.

  2. Samer Abdallah

    Same issue. I never received the "verify your email" email. Tried to resend it with no luck. Found nothing in the spam folder either

  3. Arif Sirri Ozcelik

    Still having this problem. Cannot create a support ticket because it requires a confirmation through a mail that does not get sent. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. GSys Generic

    same problem. I created a new email address to test with and that one did get the verification email. Not that that is a solution...

  5. Chris Hodge

    "Work Around" Same issue however I was able to sign in google+ rather than creating an Atlassian account to do what I need with bitbucket repos. This skipped the whole need to go through the verification process. I did have to sign in twice to google+, easy enough though. * Edit / append After posting this comment I got a "please verify your email" to my gmail, verifed.. done.. * Edit / append In order to connect a remote repo I needed a password to an Atlassian account. This password was created at signup but did not go through the verification process, seems to of thrown off the authentication. I was however able to go to my profile, follow a link to my Atlassian account and navigate to change password. I used the same password at sign up for the "old password" and gave a new one. Tried to connect to the remote repo again and it worked!

  6. texmate-admin

    Having the same problem, trying two different email addresses multiple times. Is anyone actually paying attention to this issue? And why is it that using an email address that you used on a different account, you get "[email address] is already in use by another user". Yes, obviously, so what? By the way, I am not logged in as myself to post this message, due to the problem.

  7. Melkamu Agonafer

    Still a problem, happened to me today while trying to create a new account using another email.

  8. Steve Connelly

    Tried with multiple email addresses, and it's a no-go for all of them. It's not just the "change email address" feature, it doesn't even send the verification emails when attempting to sign up for a new account.

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