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Floris Luiten
created an issue

When looking at my assigned issues (https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/issues?section=assigned) I have exactly 26 issues. This seems to fit on one page, but the "prev" and "next" button are displayed next to the pagenumber. The "next" button has an href attribute "/dashboard/issues?section=assigned&page=<bound method DiggPage.next_page_number of <Page 1 of 1>>". The "prev" button has an similar href attribute.

Apparently, some debug data? Seems to make more sense that the "prev" and "next" buttons simply have no href, thus no action.

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  1. almightyeric

    I have "Prev" and "Next" links on my Dashboard (Overview) page also. When I click the "Next" link, I get an error page.


    I am only involved with 3 repositories; i.e. only 3 repositories show up on my Dashboard (Overview). They all fit on 1 page easily. I only clicked "Next" out of curiosity.

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