Make group management more usable for large number of groups (BB-11430)

Issue #10501 duplicate
Klaus Unger (SPG) created an issue

first things first - we are totally happy and grateful for our academic license at HTL Spengergasse for Bitbucket.

Based on our campus work, we do (will) have a huge number of groups for access management. Please make group management more usable. Currently it is just a ever growing list of groups with its users beneath.

  • I would come up with the idea of collapsable groups or
  • another column with the group-names and in the third column the members of the group.

Hopefully you find this suggestions suitable and not offending and maybe one day it (or an even better solution from you) will see day of light


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  1. Erik van Zijst

    @Klaus Unger (SPG) We are aware of this issue and we are in fact working on a better solution. However, I would like to understand your situation a little better. Is the user admin stuff at least still working for you, or are you getting timeouts or other problems that prevent you from administering your team?

  2. Klaus UNGER

    it is working in general, but one has to scroll up- and downwards multiple times and check everything double and triple, not to do wrong assignments. It feels very un-intuitive, totally opposite to the rest of the tool, which we love a lot in general!


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