Same branch shown on two commits in git repo

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Brent P created an issue

Two different commits have the same branch in one of our test repos:

Commits — Bitbucket 2014-10-27 20-10-59.png


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  1. John Garcia

    This does not look like a bug to me. Please file an issue at and we'll discuss further.

  2. Brent P reporter

    The entry in .git/packed-refs has 40b7447b762bbd15a59779aa76a0b3f725009b2f refs/remotes/origin/new-pe-branch The one on commit ea75e82 shouldn't be there.

    Unless I'm not understanding how you guys label branches on commits, a branch should only appear on a single commit at a time.

  3. John Garcia

    Hey there, we label every commit with its branch unless it also exists in Master. Because of this, it is not unusual for a branch name to appear multiple times in the list.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 16.03.39.png

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