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Stefan created an issue

In a pull request files that are moved or renamed are shown as two files. That makes a review very confusing and the developer doesn't do refactorings to better the code quality because it makes everything a mess for the reviewer.

Also don't show the whole content of a deleted file. If a whole file is deleted it seldom is necessary to look at it`s content (Add a button to only show it on request).

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  1. John Garcia

    Hey there, we appreciate your feedback but we don't anticipate fixing either of these cases. In the first case, that is pretty much a factor of how git works - git knows nor cares about moves or renames, so if we intend to treat a file as if it's been moved or renamed, we're making unreliable assumptions about operations that occurred remote to our servers. In the second case, we don't want to get into the murky waters of which parts of a change are important to show and which are not.

  2. Ben Lings

    Both git diff (with the -C and -M flags) and Github pull requests can detect if files have been renamed and only show the changes in addition to the rename. Please could you reconsider supporting this?

  3. Søren Nguyen Boisen

    Yeah, "unreliable assumptions" is a non-argument. Git handles this with percentage similarity, no reason bitbucket couldn't do the same. However, there is still (faint) hope: Issue #589 has been left open, which would include this, if implemented fully. Of course, it was created in 2009, so don't get your hopes up :-)

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    This feature request should be definitely reconsidered. GitHub works just perfectly with renamed files:


  5. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hello all,

    Our apologies, this issue should not have been closed as won't fix. We already have a feature request for following renames and moves in all diff views of the site at Issue #589.

  6. Johannes Feig

    this feature is absolutely necessary. we relied on this inside gitlab, as refactors are all the time part of development. after moving to bitbucket, this is a big disappointment, that showing file movement is not standard functionality.

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