Option to ignore white-space while merging branches

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Ismail S
created an issue

This issue has nothing to do with #6024 and #3812. Because it is not related to diff viewer, rather it is related to providing an option while merging. Though it is not duplicate of #6024 and #3812, hopefully it should still provide workaround for those.

Provide options (checkboxes) for ignoring white-space characters on merge screen (https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/branch/develop?dest=master) and pull-request screen (https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/pull-request/new?source=user/repo%3A%3Adevelop&dest=user/repo%3A%3Amaster). Basically, option for git merge -Xignore-space-change and/or git merge -Xignore-all-space

Steps to reproduce 1. Make changes in two different branches in a way that it creates conflicts (white-space conflicts only) 2. Try to merge one into other (https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/branch/develop?dest=master)

Actual result: It can't merge due to white-space conflicts

Expected result: It should allow to ignore white-space conflicts

Same applies for pull-requests.

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  1. John Garcia

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's unlikely that we will make any major changes to white space handling in merges in the near future, but we will keep your suggestion in mind if anything changes

  2. Ismail Sidhpuri

    That's really sad :(. I will wait for votes though and see if that changes your mind/policy/priority. Anyway I'm also happy that #6024 is not reproducible anymore (though it is not marked fixed yet)

  3. Tim Razik

    +1 for this. This is a high cost item for people to have to manually resolve a merge conflict if there is a simple tab or white space difference. In a perfect world we wouldn't end up with simple conflicts but we are far from perfect. While I understand that whitespace parsing is challenging due to the various coding and scripting languages, I wonder if it would be possible to add an option in the merge to allow an auto resolve of the conflict. For example you can tell the pull request for file A auto merge/resolve this by choosing the left file. You'd leave that up to the requester as part of the pull request.

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