Categorization pull requests on the Pull Requests page

Issue #10657 duplicate
Murat Yıldırım
created an issue

It would be better to have categorization feature on Pull Requests page to collapse custom pull requests like;

Work In Progress;

|_ featureA-WIP

|_ featureB-WIP


|_ Awesome idea

|_ Priceless new feature

Actual Sprint Issues;

|_ issue id 123

|_ issue id 234

So, we can simply collapse the categorization that we are not interested at that time.It will help us to use our time more efficient and focus on what we are actually doing.

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  1. Mike Gruen

    Why was this marked as a dupe of #2323? That issue is about organizing repositories and this one is asking for a way to organize/categorize Pull Requests.

    Adding custom labels/tags would be a good first step for organizing PRs. Adding the ability to search and resort based on label, last updated, created date, number of tasks, etc. would be even better.

    Also, custom labels would help with the workflow for Pull Requests. For example, if I could label a PR as "on hold" (or something similar) then the fact that I cannot reopen a declined PR (#4954) wouldn't be as big of a deal. Right now, we have to update the title (which immediately causes the PR to jump to the head of the queue which is exactly the opposite of the desired behavior).

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