User with Read access is able to commit and push changes (BB-13644)

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In my private mercurial repository I gave read-only access to several users which changes I want to review first. Still one of them was able to commit and push changes to the default branch.

How it's possible? As for me it's violates

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  1. Kaleb Elwert

    I cannot reproduce this issue locally. Would you mind filing a support issue at so we can look into it further without exposing personal information?

  2. Magdin Stoica

    This is also happening to my repository. I am not sure whether I have set it up wrong or if there is a bug. It is unclear why this was marked as "invalid" because it is a "support issue".

  3. Sergey reporter

    I was told that this issue will be fixed: "I'm glad to let you know that we are deploying a fix for this issue on Tuesday 30th Dec on San Francisco time. So by Wednesday this should be resolved. "

    Have not tried to reproduce it after that, as we changed workflow.

  4. Kaleb Elwert

    We have double and triple checked this and cannot reproduce it. The original reported case has been resolved, so if you continue having this problem, please contact and we will update this ticket accordingly.

  5. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This issue has been resolved for some time. If anyone sees anything like this on their repositories, please come directly to with all of the steps to reproduce.

    This issue will be marked as closed.


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