Pull request comments on unchanged lines should be expanded in the diff (BB-11695)

Issue #10722 duplicate
Erik van Zijst
staff created an issue

When rendering a diff, Bitbucket shows a few lines of context. It is possible to expand that context by clicking "...". A comment left for one of the "expanded" source code lines becomes invisible when the diff is later loaded by another user (I guess) or reloaded by the commenting user (tested).

The invisible comment is counted and preserved, but one has to expand the context again to actually see it, which makes that comment useless.

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  1. Jonathan Poh staff

    I marked it as a duplicate but it is not a regression. Comments on context lines are displayed on page load. There's subtly different bug relating to comments on context lines sometimes being hidden which we've already been tracking internally, and I've raised a new issue #12368 for it.

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