Custom Branch Types/Prefixes (BB-11708)

Issue #10744 open
Vivian Choo created an issue

Add a way to define custom branch types/prefixes in the repo settings, and have them show up under "Branch Type" when creating a new branch.

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  1. David Alcazar

    When redirected from JIRA to Bitbucket after clicking "Create branch", I would like to have the possibility to create a branch using the Gitflow proposed by your own documentation! ( ).

    At the moment, in the create branch dialog there is no possibility to chose what type of branch it is (feature, hotfix or release). Moreover, it would be useful to add trigger to transition JIRA issues automatically based on a Gitflow management instead of Pull Request management.

  2. Tony Kirker

    As David says above - it would make sense to support gitflow in your products, given that you seem to promote it quite heavily in your documentation. Ideally, I would like create branch to automatically default to the appropriate branch type based on JIRA issue type; i.e., for a bug default to hotfix branch from master, or for new feature default to a feature branch from develop.

  3. Franklin Aguinaldo

    I need this as well. This might sound like a trivial feature at first, but with a CI/CD system in place, we rely on the branch folder prefix to determine where a commit ends up getting deployed an tested. We particularly deploy to our dev servers on feature/* commit. Please having this this feature turned on.

  4. Grant Carver

    Given up on Bitbucket, Jira, and Pipelines and moved to GitHub and simpler branching model. Taking way too long for Atlassian to support the common use cases we users are requesting on all their products.

  5. Simon Haslam

    Just to reiterate other people's comments (e.g. David Alcazar) here:

    Yes, when creating a branch (in our case from JIRA Cloud) we can tell devs to always prefix the JIRA generated name with "feature/" to get the same effect, but that is definitely more error prone to having a dropdown list in front of the developer saying "feature", "release", "develop" etc.

    This doesn't sound too complex to implement (especially given that it is already in Stash) and it would really improve the integration between JIRA Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud, as well as improve Bitbucket Cloud's support of GitFlow (which is very commonly used).

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