Possibility to filter on approval status (BB-11767)

Issue #10778 closed
Roy Duineveld
created an issue


I would like to see a feature to filter on the approval status of commits. With that possibility it's easier to show unapproved commits.

I'm working in a team and I review code of my colleagues and they'll review my code. So the filter has to check if any user have approved a commit.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    If this issue is concerns filtering the pull request list, check out #15552.

    If this issue concerns approving commits within pull requests, it's likely we'll do iterative review (#14889) first and then add commit-level approval if we think it's valuable enough to warrant the UX complexity. At that time we'll reopen this, but for now I'm closing this as we won't be shipping this in the near future.

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