Send emails only on commits to specific branches (BB-11787)

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Rajat Jain
created an issue

We have a few git repositories in our company. Our development model involves developing on our private branches and then merging those with master. The problem with bitbucket is that we get notification emails on commits to ALL branches not specific ones. This is affecting our workflows a lot and is a pain for people who want to keep an eye on repositories for spurios commits. We have tried numerous email filters to weed out private branches but they work as expected. We would ideally like to receive email notifications ONLY ON these type of branches

  • master (i.e. a branch name matching a specificed name)
  • release-branch-* (i.e. a branch name matching a specified regex)

This is very critical for our workflow.

Comments (12)

  1. Rajat Jain reporter

    I watched a repository but I didn't get any option to select a particular branch. Any ideas where I can select particular branches for watching?


  2. Cyril Bouteille

    I do not see any feature in bitbucket to watch commits on a specific branch. The notification settings are only on the whole repository, so you get email notifications for all commits on all branches. If it's a hidden feature, please indicate where to find it. Otherwise please re-open.

  3. Paul Vu

    I doubt they'll get to this any time soon. I had given up waiting pretty early and just created my own CI job that watches for commits on specific branches and sends emails accordingly.

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