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Issue #108 resolved

Allow paid plans to get a subdomain

Jesper Noehr
created an issue

So you can use that as the URL and even CNAME it

Comments (13)

  1. Jesper Noehr reporter
    • changed status to open

    Patch confirmed, I'm in the process of getting the codebase up to speed.


    • Replace all {% url %} occurances with curl instead.
    • reverse() needs some love
    • All get_*_url tags need |cn:cname added to them.

    Thanks for helping out, david !

  2. Jesper Noehr reporter

    Oh, what's more:

    Things like /account/ will actually be matched to a repository since it matches (?P<repo_slug>[^/]+), so either:

    1. Use a new URL with / in the url, e.g. /account/settings/, or
    2. Force the match of this URL prior to the CNAME resolve. For this to work, we'd need to keep a static list of URLs that aren't repositories. This also means that people can't register a repository named e.g. 'account' and still use the CNAME feature, so option 1 is favored.
  3. Jesper Noehr reporter

    Followup on comment 9:

    There are quite a few /xyz/ URLs in the system, so instead of forcing them to resolve, it's better to not let people create repositories whose slug will resolve to a reserved site URL.

    So instead of going with option 1, we'll go with option 3:

    • When creating/renaming a repository, bail if slug collides with URL that resolves.
  4. David Larlet

    There is another issue if you remove username from url, you can't use it anymore and you must replace username by request.user.username in all views (e.g. changesets).

    ps: don't forget in your TODO to load bb tags' lib in templates which use curl.

  5. Jesper Noehr reporter

    (Above comment was discussed on IRC)

    What's more:

    • When navigating to repositories not under the CNAMEs account, it should either redirect to *that* persons CNAME, or bitbucket.org, and
    • The repositories page should either not be there, or should list only the repositories belonging to the user with the CNAME.
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