Add a line wrapping option for editing files with long lines (BB-11890)

Issue #10839 resolved
Andrei Jirnyi
created an issue

It would be quite helpful for editing content files (.txt, .tex, .html, etc.) if the online commit editor had an option to wrap long lines, instead of having to use the horizontal scroll bar.

This is a separate issue from #3873 about the diff viewer; even if the diff viewer doesn't wrap lines, it would be still nice to be able to use the online editor on these files.

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  1. Jose Aumentado

    Yes, please!

    This was marked 'wontfix' in the context of LaTeX editing in another Issue #3873. The Bitbucket suggestion was to just expand your browser window, but this is obviously insane if you have ever written anything in LaTeX.

    Hope this gets added.

  2. Peter Wayner

    Yes, let's add it. Please.

    This shouldn't be hard.

    The CodeMirror editor that you use has a boolean that can be set (lineWrapping) to true to turn on linewrapping. Could there be a button that does this?

    A super-slick option might be to let each user set up a JSON block for configuration. But that might add too much to the job and it might be overkill. I'm not sure how many people would want to tweak some of the other parameters.

  3. Marcel Schmittfull

    This looks great, thanks! Do you think you could also add this option when viewing instead of editing source files? For example, it would be nice to have the line wrap when looking at commits that changed latex files with long lines.

    Best, Marcel

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