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Saketh Bhamidipati
created an issue

Just as it is possible to keep a private repository with a public issue tracker, it would be great if we could keep a private repository with public downloads (e.g. compiled Windows installers).

A checkbox in the settings page would be great.

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  1. Mark Mikofski

    +1 from me too.

    Just make the selected download have the option to be public, but keep all of your tags and branches private. i.e.: If someone navigated to "", and was not the user then they would only see the downloads, not the tags and branches. Put this switch (turn on/off public downloads) on the project admin page.

  2. Ashley Staggs


    After contacting support for this feature a few days ago and being redirected to this, I can see a lot of people want it. I hope it will be implemented in the next month or two.

  3. Freso Fenderson

    Whew. I was about to make another duplicate feature request, but then I figured that somebody else must have had the same thought. And apparently a lot of people did! Here's to getting this sooner rather than later!

  4. Rohith Reddy Kumbharkar

    Actually, its possible. Upload your files to downloads. Download them when you are logged in to bitbucket. Watch those download links, you can see a signature attached to them. Copy those links and use any descent URL shortner to shorten them. Vola you can put that link anywhere so people will get inline downloads just by clicking it.

  5. TRI

    +1 please, this is quite important for our project as there aren't that many good third-party file upload sites that are free, with large storage space, and yet retain your files without a traffic requirement or after-a-month expiration.

  6. Anonymous

    note this issue is ignored by Atlassian either someone uses "+1" or "note..." to bump this thread

  7. Fitzgerald steele

    This would've totally solved an issue for me today. I can download the zip file and post it somewhere myself to share with a customer. I'll probably use dropbox. But it would've been terribly convenient to just share a link to download straight from here.

  8. Daniel Gibson

    I have a project whith source code that I can not release. I can release binaries though.

    The (free) private repository at bitbucket is very useful for this, especially with the public wiki and issue tracker.

    The only thing that's missing is a convenient way to distribute the binaries - being able to set the downloads as public would be obvious choice - please make it happen :-)

  9. Donovan Keith

    The ability to mark certain files or directories in a repo as public for download would really simplify the distribution of closed-source projects. Please add this feature!

  10. Andy Fragen

    Even creating an access token, similar to GitHub, for downloading private repos would be great.

    It seems this issue has been for several years. Are we all just hoping something will be done?

  11. Justen Stepka

    We have decided that we will not be implementing public downloads for repos with private source. Our goal is to build a product where folks collaborate around writing source code and not build a distribution platform for binary files. There are several low cost services that are optimized for distributing binary files, such as Amazon S3 or Rackspace which we recommend.

    Respectfully, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

  12. Alexander Gazarov

    I find this argument about not building a distribution platform rather weak. You are not building a wiki or support platform either, yet you have public wikis and issue trackers. And rightfully so, because it makes life for developers much easier when everything is in one place. Why are downloads so different? And because you decided this way, I have to keep a separate repository just for the downloads. With this decision you probably won't make people turn to other services for storing files, but will make people say less nice things about you.

  13. RB Whitaker

    Yeah, I agree with Daniel. Why have the feature at all then?

    The workaround for me right now is not to go elsewhere, but to create two repositories: a private one where I put the source and a public one where I put the public bug tracker, wiki, and public downloads.

    We're not asking for super advanced download options. We're not asking for you to provide a way to process payments, to embed the downloads into our website, or anything like that. Just allow us to avoid having to create two repos for simple downloads.

  14. Tristan

    There seems to be no real argument against it, and it's the second most voted for proposal on the tracker, so I really can't see why this shouldn't be a feature.

  15. James Hicks

    TbotV63, a couple of us discussed having this and what a great feature it would be. We came to the conclusion that it will not be added because of the cost issues associated with basically doubling the amount of cloud space they would need in order to host the compiled files. Given there are already a large number of sites to store files for free I think this is something thats been determined to be financially unacceptable. Sad. 8-(

  16. Eric Georgiades

    @James Hicks, correct me if I am wrong, but the feature of hosting a files, i.e. the download section, or even entire tags is available. The question remains that a private repository cannot isolate a file, such as the release package for the public, instead it can only do this for members of the repo.

    Are you saying that the usage of bitbucket in such a way would promote abuse of the storage space provided?

  17. EL

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  18. Johan Nilsson

    The reason we were given for the won't fix status of this ticket seems quite strange. Wouldn't it be just to change the route to the downloaded file in a way that it doesn't go through any authentication?

    As for the concern about the downloads area being abused to host all kinds of files, couldn't you put it in the EULA that it's forbidden to put files other than binaries of the repository code in the downloads area?

    Also, as mentioned by a previous commenter, I would pay for this feature.

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