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Shea Daniels
created an issue

I've just started using Bitbucket after being a solid Bitbucket Server (Stash) users for over a year. The Stash "Diff" view for pull requests is much better than the one for Bitbucket.

The file tree view on the left makes it considerably easier to look through the files that have changed. I'd like to see this functionality integrated into Bitbucket.

Official response

  • Claire Bianchi staff

    We are currently working on an improved Pull Request experience that includes a file tree. This project is in progress and should be available as a labs feature in a few months. I will update this ticket with directions on how to turn it on once ready. We are targetting early summer for general availability.

    Best Claire

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  1. v

    ++ I feel very uncomfortable with the treeless view. Also the coloring of files to easily see what was added/deleted/modified/moved is MUCH better than having to figure it out based on line changes.

  2. Carsten Jørgensen

    ++ This missing feature is what's holding us back from upgrading currently. Code reviewing is a crucial part of our workflow, and the tree view tremendously helps to maintain the overview of a PR. We don't want to make code reviewing less convinient.

  3. Manocher Nazari

    I don't understand why Bitbucket cloud has missing features compared to Server. I also noticed there are lack of permissions around pull requests and merging, e.g. no feature such as at least 1 approver before it can be merged, no restrictions on who can make change to Default/Master branch or stop merging directly to Default/Master branch. There are features in Server and not in Cloud

  4. Bernhard Reitinger

    +++ Yes, please, the tree diff is much better than the all-in-one diff view!

    The biggest benefit is that in case of a big pull request, the default page does not take long for loading.

  5. Ben Ishiyama-Levy

    Like many here, just moved from bitbucket server to cloud, and that was a mistake: the missing file tree diff, replaced by the horrible list on top. Atlassian, you are on top of things. Please correct this UX horror asap. Catastrophe!!!!

  6. Jonathan Higgs


    Just one small request that would be great to add. Every time we view our PR's the first thing we do is always say 'ignore whitespace', but when we do this the tree view doesn't load automatically, and we have to manually click 'enable diff tree' (even though 'always enable diff tree is on'). Would be great if the 'always enable diff tree when the viewer selects 'ignore whitespace'

  7. Josh Springer

    @Leo Dam

    Any possibilities in making the code open source. I'd love to use the amazing tool you developed, but have some barriers around 3rd party components & libraries that must be reviewed to make sure nothing will impact our intellectual property.

  8. Leo Dam

    @Jonathan Higgs Please update the new version 1.0.7 which has the following features:

    • Display diff tree when the viewer selects "ignore whitespace"
    • Navigate to corresponding comment when clicking on the "new comment notification" area at the bottom right corner Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.48.06 PM.png
  9. Matthew Zartman

    Great tool @Leo Dam!

    The only improvement that I can think of is to have the list be an individual pane that doesn't scroll when the user scrolls through the code. I used to use Stash and have since moved to Bitbucket Cloud, but on Stash it looked something like this. It would be cool if the interface was like that.

  10. Jesse Norris

    Another person that would like this to be implemented. After switching from BitBucket Server, I am thoroughly unimpressed with BitBucket Cloud due to the pull requests. It's so difficult to review changes now.

  11. Marc Dula


    After almost a year of using Bitbucket Server for a project, coming back to pull requests in Bitbucket Cloud is jarring, uncomfortable, and less productive.

  12. ChristianW

    After 25 month (from ticket creation): Look at the changelog of Bitbucket Cloud: 80% of the changes are less important than this issue. How can a product owner be more wrong? Atlassian, please start dogfooding and you will notice the 'pain in the ass'.

  13. Robbert Schreuder Hes


    Why is this still an issue after over two years? Sounds like a really basic feature to me. Same goes for embedded side-by-side views - you can't add comments now in the pop-up side-by-side view.

  14. ChristianW

    We are evaluating UPSOURCE which is pretty cool with its PHPStorm plugin, which enables complete IDE support on each review: code navigation, full fletched diffs and all the other cool stuff provided by our lovely IDE.

    While git repo servers are very similar today i think they can be easy replaced.

    I think we will move all our projects to UPSOURCE, just because this plugin is trying to bridge the gap (ok, ok, there is still space to workflow and user interface improvements; at the moment it is the best available solution). So stop waiting and start using other solutions!

  15. Pedro Borges

    Great stuff Christian, the corollary of this teams autism is they don't even appear to read these threads. I am sad to witness some seriously bad choices being made in bitbucket for the cloud - this is a great 101 on how to kill a product by refusing to take your head out of the sand.

  16. Alastair Wilkes staff

    We've been focused on a several higher priority projects including code aware search, a cleaner, simpler navigation experience, building Docker images in Bitbucket Pipelines, JIRA and Trello integrations, and other highly voted features (such as #5658, #7399, #8995, #3717, and #12757).

    With those shipped, we are focusing on the pull request experience. As we prioritize improvements to make in Cloud, we take learnings from what’s worked well in Bitbucket Server into consideration. Navigability of pull requests - which, in Server, is solved with the tree view - is definitely something we need to improve in Cloud.

    Although we don’t have a specific timeline to share at this time, improvements like these are top of mind, and we are working on them. We’ll update this issue when we have more to share.

  17. Josh Giangrande

    Would love to see the tree view for file browsing implemented. As it currently stands, the pull request interface is quite user-unfriendly. Being able to select the "side-by-side diff" isn't awful as a means of focusing on one file (although I'd still prefer the tree view), but because everything is listed on one page with only one set of links at the top (and no periodic links throughout the page to jump back to the top), navigating between different files is INCREDIBLY annoying.

    Edit: I lied. I can't find a way to add a comment to the code I am reviewing while in "side-by-side diff" view. So I have to cancel and then find the section of the code where I wanted to add a comment. Therefore, it's also not a particularly useful feature, in my opinion.

  18. Erik Wendel

    After being on a project using Stash for several years, I recently joined a team using GitHub.

    I've been encouraging them to switch to Bitbucket, but now that I've discovered that the tree view isn't available for the cloud version, the switch unfortunately won't be happening.

    Please prioritize this!

    I want to move away from GitHub, but hosting our own Stash isn't an option.

  19. Joe McGuckin

    ++++ I find the tree view much more user friendly. I figured I would get used to the new UI but after over a year I still find it frustratingly difficult to use

  20. Rob Ormond

    The lack of a nice PR experience in Cloud (as opposed to Server) is the only issue holding up our migration to the Cloud product. Otherwise we are ready to hand over our cash, but won't until this is addressed.

  21. Anonymous

    @Russ Watson The extension is OK, but it still kinda sucks that you have to use external extensions to be able to do any Code Review (big reviews in the current view is a real pain).

  22. Andrew Kouri

    Come on Atlassian - for every person here that has signed up for an account just to express this frustration, there are 15 others who haven't. Please address this ASAP.

  23. Claire Bianchi staff

    We are currently working on an improved Pull Request experience that includes a file tree. This project is in progress and should be available as a labs feature in a few months. I will update this ticket with directions on how to turn it on once ready. We are targetting early summer for general availability.

    Best Claire

  24. Andrew Kouri

    If I had a ticket with major priority that was already implemented in the server version, I would assign a dev to work on it ASAP. The cloud version should have more features than the self-hosted version!

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