"Nudge" all users for a pull request (BB-12054)

Issue #10964 closed
Kevin Aung
created an issue


At times, pull requests could sit idle for days, maybe weeks. Sometimes it'll be ignored when in reality, the branch needs to be merged. You could write a comment which will notify all reviewers but now your pull request has meaningless comments.


Create a Nudge button for pull requests. This will simply notify all reviewers that there's a pull request left unattended. Some info on pull request would be useful also:

  • Pull request date

  • Reviewers

  • Who has reviewed it (if the person has reviewed it, there will be a message in the alert that says "You have approved this but still waiting for others: John1, John2, John3).

  • A color indicator/flag that correlates to the length of time it's been idle: Yellow (3 days), Red (4+ days), etc.

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