Team Members can't see teams on 'Teams' Dropdown (BB-10409)

Issue #10981 open
Vivian Choo created an issue

'Teams' Dropdown on the top of the page does not show list of the team joined by a user if the team account is not owned by the user, but the user is part of.

Users can browse, push/pull from the repos belonging to the team account, just not able to access the teams they were added into from the 'Teams' Dropdown

EDIT: This issue doesn't affect repos which the user has admin access on.

NOTE: This issue affects the Repository Browser on Sourcetree as well. Repos which the user has read/write access on doesn't show up on the repo browser

Official response

  • Jesse Yowell
    • changed status to open

    This issue still occurs.. we shouldn't need to have the Can create repos switch on to allow users to see their own team

    Additionally, this also affects Code search. If you are not under this specific switch, then you can not use code search to browse certain accounts users have access to

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  1. Peter Gilbertson

    Having users clone directly from a project's bitbucket page as a work around. Not having the Repo Browser in source tree show any of our team's projects is a real pain for our users.

  2. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated

    Workaround: Checking the 'Can create repos' box under the User groups will get around this. I believe the Administrators group has this on by default. Still not the best solution, but it will get the teams to show for the user.

  3. Gaurav Dubey

    Yes, this Workaround works for sourcetree or other team members, When new permission given to the user group for creating a repository .

  4. texasbruce NA

    Confirmed issue. I added my member to the group of the team, and he does not see any team under "Teams" dropdown. I had to manually add him to the repo, and he sees it after.

  5. JD Lacey

    Please fix this. It's a major bug if you can't see the team. I know there is a workaround but giving people ability to create repos is not a good solution.

  6. Maxime ROSSINI

    Same issue here... it's very problematic because some external integrations (such as Azure Web App) base their UI on the available teams of the user. If the team does not show up (because the user does not have the permission to create repos in it), then the user can't use any repo belonging to the team using the integration.

  7. Ronald Chia staff

    This issue also affects Bitbucket App Navigator.
    If the users in the user group have None Team permission, the user can't view the JIRA link in the App navigator even thou team account already integrated with JIRA plugin.

  8. RodrigoG

    Yes, I confirm this workaround works!
    Not the ideal, but not a problem to me to give permission to create repositories.

  9. Jason Stratford

    Agree with the general sentiment, the work around works but this blows up our security policy for DSC use.

  10. Daniel Tao staff

    The current behavior is by design: the Teams dropdown seems to have been intended for administrators to have quick access to their teams. That said, this has a decent amount of support so I think we'd probably be open to changing the dropdown so that it includes teams you're on, not just teams on which you're an admin. I am categorizing as an enhancement rather than a bug purely for bookkeeping.

  11. Nebojša Đorđević

    It will be really nice to have it working. Please consider changing it so members of the team can use it too.

  12. Alastair Wilkes staff

    The teams dropdown no longer exists in the new navigation UI, so this issue is no longer valid.

  13. Sébastien GAUTRIN

    I'm no longer have anyone in my teams in the original situation (member of teams without the possibility to create repositories for the team) so I can't say for sure, but with the new navigation UI, the « teams dropdown » has essentially been replaced by a list of teams when clicking on the user avatar at the bottom left of the deployed left pane (not a great design by the way to have to deploy the pane, with a much less usable toggle than previously, to access this user menu).

    Is the situation fixed in this view, or does the same problem occurs there? I'd have guess this was just a UI change but the same behaviour, and in this case the issue would still be valid, just in need of a reformulation to point to the new positioning of the teams list feature.

    Anyone in a position to have the issue previously could indicate if the issue occurs there as well?

  14. Géraud Lac

    @sgautrin, @awbb :
    the UI has changed, but the issue remains...
    in the "Teams" panel (<username>/profile/teams), I can only see teams where I have grants to create repositories...

    This issue should probably be re-opened

    BTW, it looks more like a bug than an enhancement...

  15. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated
    • changed status to open

    This issue still occurs.. we shouldn't need to have the Can create repos switch on to allow users to see their own team

    Additionally, this also affects Code search. If you are not under this specific switch, then you can not use code search to browse certain accounts users have access to

  16. Christopher Wolf

    Why is this only listed as a minor issue? It is a major issue that team members can't see their own team unless you give them more authority than they would otherwise need to work.

  17. Philippe Gouin

    I have to agree with Géraud Lac, it is a BUG, not an enhancement and with Christopher Wolf, it is a MAJOR issue.

  18. Ash

    So I just wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out why my team member could not see my team. I add them, they get an email notification, they log in, but they can't see my team.

    Atlassian team, please get on to this, it was first reported almost 4 years ago. The workaround suggested is not an option. If a user is added to a team, they should be able to see the team; there should no exceptions.

  19. Peter de Jonge

    We've just started to make use of Bitbucket and are running into this issue as well. Apparently the team is only visible on the profile page when that user is an administrator or is allowed to create repositories. Another issue is that users who are not an administrator and are not allowed to create repositories don't see the projects of the team they are a member of on, they can only view those projects by navigating to the projects page of the team.

    This has been an issue since 2015, so do you have any updates on this? Thanks.

  20. Armandas Jarušauskas

    @peterdej If you're just starting, it may be a good idea to look at other services. Atlassian is clearly falling behind..

  21. Jeroen Reumkens

    I think this is also the reason why I can not get codecov to work for my team. I’ve created a user that has access to a repo in my team (but isn’t an admin of the whole team, because I don’t want to give Codecov these super powers), but codecov doesn’t recognise that team, so I can not activate it.

  22. Florian Valiente

    Ran into this today - 2019!

    Not sure why this is tagged as a minor issue. A team member SHOULD always be able to see their teams and not require the “create repositories“ permission.

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