Same issue that Pranay had, but it's not resolved for me! Repository Unavailable: Cannot remove bad respository

Issue #11039 resolved
Philip Ryan
created an issue

So, creating a new repository by doing an import from a gitlab server.

Network connection dies after 15 hours of the import being attempted.

(note that the repo is about 1 gig in size, but even so, I was not expecting 15 hours)

Now the repo in bitbucket is unreachable.

nousapps/nousgoals-mobile is the repo location.

I created a new repo (nousgoals/nousgoals-mob) from my computer's copy of the repo, and it took about 3 hours... so there was no reason that it should have been taking 15 hours.

But in any case: there should be a tool to KILL completely a stuck or broken repo.

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  1. Jesse Yowell staff


    I went ahead and deleted the failed import. We've been having issues for the past 2 days, so I imagine the import was probably caught up. Please tell us if you need anything further.

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