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Wahab Mirjan
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I would like a feature that allows the user to create an independent Wiki and Issue Tracker that is not linked to any project.

For example, I have multiple projects on Bitbucket. However, those projects are all under an umbrella of a larger project. The projects could be 1. Android development bucket 2. iPhone development bucket 3. Website development bucket 4. Back end development bucket

All those buckets are different separate projects, however they are all part of the same larger project.

I would like the ability to have on Wiki and one Issue Tracker for all projects (the whole group above), that is not related to one specific project. It makes it easier to have an overall look, and also makes documentations easier.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    We have no immediate plans in that direction, but what you can do (and what we do ourselves), is to create a separate repo for the issue tracker and wiki, make it private while making the issue tracker and wiki public.

    The result is what you see on this very issue tracker. There is no source code tabs or anything, just an issue tracker.

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