When navigating away from page with unsubmitted text in field, save text or pop-up alert

Issue #11089 duplicate
Andres Douglas
created an issue

I know this is mostly user error, but if user be erroring, help them use your product better. I'm sure you've been here more than once: You've typed away a long, detailed comment in an issue, when you think, oh, wait, I need to check something in the code. God bless Bitbucket for making navigation so easy, because you've got that side bar and a nice "Source" icon that will take you right to what you're looking for. Once you're done looking at the code, you go back to that comment, so frantically look for that tab where you had typed in all that precious info... only to find that it's now all gone. And it makes you just a little bit sadder that it's going to be that much longer before you get to enjoy the California sunshine.... So please, for the love of God, notify me that I'm navigating away from a page in which I've typed a bunch of text, and ask me if I really want to kill all those bits. Or at least save that text field so that when I frantically hit that back button I can feel some extra love for you guys saving my bacon.

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