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Hi, my name is Sam and this is my first time using bitbucket, and I am still dummy yet.

(1) I am a piano teacher, and might have a few project with other music teachers too. So basically we will have a lots audio/video recording and a lots musical work sheet. And my question is do I allow upload mp3, ogg, midi, avi, mp4, and pdf files?? (my own record)

(2) How much maximum mb or files and the storage?

(3) How long inactive account will going suspend/banned?

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  1. samcb02 reporter

    Hello?? Any bitbucket staff can answer these fast for me?? Because I am planing register $25/mo with other teachers..... (19 + me)

  2. Matan Shalit

    dude, this is a cloud repository service for code

    programming code, not music files

    you should look up cloud storage services if you want to store your local files (like drive or dropbox)

  3. samcb02 reporter

    ok, understand I am try use soundclound, plus scribd at the moment.

    so how long inactive account will going suspend/banned? I have search around Terms of service & Privacy policy, but there is no answer......

  4. Jesse Yowell staff

    This issue tracker is meant for feature requests only. Please e-mail or use the help link above if you're having issues.

    To answer your question though: Our services on Bitbucket (Git/Mercurial) are only really meant for keeping code (text files). We offer 2GB for each repo, so binary assets such as mp3/ogg/mp4. aren't the best choice. Git and Mercurial really weren't meant to store binary assets. We'd recommend something such as Dropbox for such files.

    Thanks! Jesse

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