Custom Formats For Bitbucket-from-JIRA Branch Names (BB-12423)

Issue #11102 open
Greg Sudderth
created an issue

As a JIRA user that also is an JIRA-integrated SCM user of some sort (Bitbucket in my example), I click the Create Branch link and get put into Bitbucket with an auto-created banch name of:


...consisting of the Issue Key + a length-limited "Train-Case" part of the Summary, we would like the flexibility to have it just be:


It would be helpful to have a limited "printf" format model where key bits of the issue were available for customization into the branch name. In our case, we just want the Issue Key.

Prototype: Where these (and other) format strings are possible with built-in definitions:

%s = Summary
%k = Issue Key
%K = Issue Key All Caps
%f = Fix Version
%a = Assignee

...etc. then the JIRA Administrator would be able to automate the branch name format in a way that makes the Create Branch link more usable and prevents some naming errors.

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