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Kelvin Del Monte
created an issue

What do you guys think about opening an issue tracker for pull requests?

Imagine going through the code and finding a problem, clicking on the line to add a comment and somehow marking it as an "issue" which would automatically add it as an issue once you add the comment. Additionally, people could just go to PR issue tracker and add an issue manually there.

Just to make it clear, this will not add issues to the repo issue tracker. In this vision, each pull request would have an issue tracker.

I believe this would be very useful.

What do you think?

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  1. Kelvin Del Monte reporter

    +1 @Zachary Davis, the pull request tasks are very useful indeed but they are hard to track sometimes. Especially when the comment disappears from the overview tab after the file becomes outdated. I use the issue tracker a lot and is very powerful on the repo level. I just think that replicating the functionality on the pull request level (which a lot of the times is a feature) would be very useful.

    Furthermore, nobody else has this feature! Maybe there is a reason and it is a bad idea but IMHO it sounds great.

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