Make snippets embeddable (BB-12431)

Issue #11112 open
Liam Moat created an issue

The introduction of snippets on Bitbucket is great! It's a really nice implementation, and the team based features are really useful.

It would be really nice to be able to take a public snippet and embed it on a website or blog etc.

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  1. Andre Lackmann

    It would be particularly helpful if you could embed a snippet in JIRA and/or Confluence at least.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    This is something I'd very much like to see implemented too. I've just started creating some snippets for my team and was dismayed to see I couldn't embed them elsewhere!

  3. Chiedo

    I agree! :) PLEASE make snippets embeddable. That would be the deciding factor for me not needing to use Pastebin any more. The fact that you allow team snippets makes me want to use your snippets over github's gists but the fact that I can't embed your snippets make them more or less not that useful.

  4. Alejandro Baez

    Eight more days till the anniversary of the minor "enhancement" being NOT implemented or commented by Bitbucket...

  5. Adrianne Stone

    YES I would love this. I don't want to have to use Github just for this feature, I do all my work with Bitbucket

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