Issue attachments should be displayed within the comment which attaches them rather than in the #0

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Stefan Grosshauser created an issue

we have just migrated a scientific code to bitbucket and appreciate very much that we can discuss issues using e.g. pictures and input files.

However, it is kind of hard to see which picture comes with which comment, because they are displayed with the #0 reporting comment.

It would be much better if it was the other way round: The #0 comment should have a list of links of all files (if one really wants that), but the file preview/element/object should be displayed with the comment who introduces them.

To us this sounds perfectly reasonable and not so difficult to change - what do you think?


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  1. Stefan Grosshauser reporter

    To illustrate the behaviour I add a meaningless file. Adding several files at once seems to be not possible? This would actually be my second wish (the issue import via a json file can do it!)...

  2. Stefan Grosshauser reporter

    To illustrate that this is really important, here a screenshort from an issue discussing for months and years certain physics in the gkw simulation code. This is one of many examples which accumulate many attachments over the years. Note that there are several e.g. input.dat files (because this is the generic name for simulation input files)
    However, the link "atached input.dat" appearing in the comments does only link to an anchor on top of the list of attachments - it is impossible to know which file is meant.

    Hence, it would be really important that attachments (both pictures and arbitrary files) appear with the comment which introduces them.


  3. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Hi Stefan,

    In addition to the "overview" list of attachments near the top of the issue, each comment should have a list of accompanying attached files at the top of the comment (as a link only, not as a thumbnail). How is this different from what you're proposing? You'd like to see the big list at the top just removed entirely?

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