Can not sign in bitbucket

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Fish Yu
created an issue
  1. Prepare two eMails, a and b.
  2. sign on with a.
  3. sign in with a.
  4. create a team.
  5. manage team.
  6. invite b;
  7. don't logoff a;
  8. get the invite link in the mailbox of b;
  9. copy the link in the address bar of same browser and press ENTER, go through the registration workflow.
  10. logoff a.
  11. sign in a, you will found you can't sing in, and the page will give you a prompt: Please enter a correct username and password. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.

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  1. Jesse Yowell staff

    This issue tracker is for tracking known issues and feature requests on Bitbucket. If you'd like to report a bug or error seen in your account, please e-mail with the account / repo name and any relevant screenshots or error output.

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