Wiki in Mercurial repositories cannot be updated/accessed (BB-12518)

Issue #11188 resolved
Gideon Koh
staff created an issue
  • Trying to edit and save will lead to a 500 error with error code
  • Trying to access wiki via the sidebar will lead to a 404.

Note: Wiki pages can still be changed by editing it locally, and then hg push it up to Bitbucket. Hg clone wiki pages works as well.

Comments (15)

  1. Remo


    I have just tried to create new Wiki page online.

    Unfortunately still the same error.

    OK, not after many may tries I was able to make several successfulness commits. So it is now a bit better :)

  2. d.v.razumov

    Hello, I'm experiencing problems while saving wiki pages. Clicking on save button leads to the page "error 500" with high probability. I've never had any problems with viewing wiki pages, and saving worked like a charm until recently

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