Add LaTeX Support in MarkDown Documents (BB-12552)

Issue #11192 open
Fixel Algorithms
created an issue

Hello, Could you please add LaTeX support for the MarkDown support in BitBucket?

Many project include very deep math and adding it will make documentation much easier. Something like the "$ [Latex Code] $" and "$$ [Latex Code] $$" will be great. Just as in StackExchange sites.

Thank You.

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  1. Fixel Algorithms reporter


    Any updates on the issue? We really need those in the pages inside the repository.

    Actually all the features of StackEdit inside the MD editor would be amazing.

    Thank You.

  2. Carlos Linares López

    Hey, I wanted to upvote this initiative. Math syntax is really convenient and necessary. Right now I'm using ![equation] with foreign links to webpage such as sciweavers but that is really a mess! :(

  3. Jan Galkowski


    If BitBucket, Atlassian, and Markdown are to be used increasingly for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics projects, adding such support would be very fine. Perhaps something could be done to merged capabilities with, a facility which already has support for Github via**

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